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  Study Group on  Folk Musical Instruments


15th International Meeting


14 - 18 August, 2002

at the invitation of

The Swedish National Committee of the ICTM


The Swedish Centre for Folk Music and Jazz Research

Björn Aksdal, Trondheim
The development of the modern Hardanger fiddle. Some reflections on the role of the fiddle maker Erik J. Helland

Marianne Bröcker, Bamberg
When the accordion came to Paris

Igor Cvetko, Ljubljana
About branch lurs in Slovenia

Tamila Djani-Zade, Moscow
Die organologische und ikonographische Gestalt der turkischen Lauten. Über das historische Zupfinstrument qopuz-i ozan.

Rinko Fujita, Vienna
Die Taishôgoto, das erste Tasteninstrument in Japan

Gisa Jähnichen, Berlin
Einmal nach Hawaii und zurück: aus dem Leben der rajão auf Porto Santo / Once to Hawaii and back: the rajão on Porto Santo

Aleh Joshani, Marburg
Wechselwirkung zwischen Instrumentenbauer und Musiker: Der Tar des Yahyas

Hållbus Totte Mattsson, Falun
Old traditions creating new forms in music and instrumentation. The introduction of plucked instruments in modern Swedish folk music

Irena Miholić, Zagreb
Instrument makers and musicians

Auste Nakien, Vilnius
Reconstruction of "historical" sounds as a part of Lithuanian cultural resistance and revival in 80ies and 90ies

Bo Nyberg: Falun
The sound of Enviken. Some aspects on rock and roll – Dalecarlian traditional music of our time

Timkehet Teffera, Berlin
Embilta playing in Ethiopia

Rūta Žarskienė, Vilnius
The makers and performers of multi-pipe whistles of Northeastern Europe: Are they males or females?

Katrin Lengwinat de Briceño, Caracas
Ein Volksmusikinstrumentenbauer in Caracas, der nie Instrumente für die Volksmusik gemacht hat

Ola Kai Ledang, Trondheim
Applied Organology or Pastime Fascination? Restoring the viking Lur and Refining the Langleik

Per-Ulf Allmo, Stockholm
The origin of the Nyckelharpa

Timo Leisiö, , Tampere
The Celtic Lyre and the North-Germanic "Hárpon" - Reflections on prehistoric lyres


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