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 Study Group on Folk Musical Instruments


Gunnar Ternhag

16th Meeting: Vilnius 2006

The study group on folk musical instruments held its 16th meeting the 5-8 of April 2006. The meeting took place in Vilnius, Lithuania, more precisely in the beautiful National Museum, situated nearby the river Neris, that divides the Lithuanian capital. Local arrangers were Dr. Rūta Žarskienė and Austė Nakienė at the The Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore (see www.llti.lt).

 This STG, the oldest within ICTM, have never before had a meeting in a Baltic country. Since there are several dedicated organologists not only in Lithuania, but in Estonia and Latvia as well, it was a well-founded decision to arrange a meeting in this part of Europe. The rich instrumentarium of Lithuanian folk music was – of course – demonstrated in some papers, but also in a concert and during the excursion, that finished the conference.

 Some 30 participants from principally northern and eastern Europe attended the conference. Strikingly many of them made their first appearances in the group, which before had a core of loyal members. It therefore seems as this STG have had a shift of generation.

 The meeting had three topics: 1. “Classical” instruments in folk music and folk musical instruments in “classical” music, 2. Folk musical instruments as symbols, and 3. Folk musical instruments around the Baltic Sea.

 The two last topics gained most attention, especially the second one, which reflects a turn in organology towards cultural issues. This is probably also due to the many new members of the group.

 The proceedings are to be printed as a special volume in the periodical Folklore Studies, published by the institute. At the same time the journal will be a volume of the proud series Studia Instrumentorum Musicae Popularis.

 The STG has also got a new chairman. Prof. Gunnar Ternhag from Falun, Sweden and Dr. Andreas Michel from Leipzig, Germany have resigned after six years in duty. The new chairman is Dr. Hans-Hinrich Thedens, working at the Norwegian Collection of Folk Music, which is a part of the Department of Musicology, University of Oslo, Norway. Dr. Thedens has attended several meetings and is deeply involved in Norwegian instrumental folk music. His e-mailaddress is h.h.thedens@imv.uio.no.

 The contributions to the 15th meeting, held in Falun, Sweden, are printed in Studia Instrumentorum Musicae Popularis, vol. 15. The book is still available from Svenskt visarkiv, Box 16325, SE-103 26 Stockholm, Sweden or e-mail: info@visarkiv.se. It costs SEK 150 (ca $ 22) plus shipping.

 For current information about the study group on folk musical instrument, please visit its own web-site: http://www.uhv.sav.sk/popularis.htm

16th Meeting: Papers

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