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  Study Group on  Folk Musical Instruments


18th International Meeting


13-17 April, 2011

at the invitation of

Institut za etnologiju i folkloristiku

Lujza Tari, (Hungary)
Some effects of vocal and instrumental music on each other: identities and differences

Miroslav Stojisavljević, (Serbia)
Gusle- the sound of Serbian epic poetry - perspectives of the tradition in modern Serbian society

Nana Zeh, (Germany/Brazil)
The Brazilian Cuica: the percussion instrument which plays melodies

Gisa Jähnichen, (Germany/Malaysia)
The Last of their Kind: Khmu Flute Songs

Rewadee Ungpho, (Thailand)
Pi Nai and Saw Sam Sai: the Special Instruments Imitating the Vocal Solo

Giuseppe Massimo Rizzo, (Italy)
Networked construction of Krk's island musical identities

Margaret Kartomi, (Australia)
Interaction between Violin (Biola) and Vocal Melody in Malay Sea Songs along Sumatra’s Coast

Naoko Nagai, (Japan)
A song not for singing? Historical scores for the qin (Chinese zither)

Rinko Fujita, (Japan/Austria)
Tofu-Rappa: Adaptation of Reed Aerophones in Japan

Vesna Ivkov, (Serbia)
Vocal/ (and) instrumental relation of melody performed by accordionists in Vojvodina

Timkehet Teffera, (Ethiopia/Germany)
Melodic Dialects of Ethiopian Folk Music Instruments: An Illustration of the six-stringed bowl lyre Krar of central and northern Ethiopia

Zlata Marjanović, (Serbia)
Ljubo Duletić's gusle and diple modulations
Contribution to the research of musical tradition of the Monte Negro Hinterland and Littoral regions

Ulrich Morgenstern, (Germany)
The garmoshka Player Mikhail Sorochinsky. A Young Non-revivalist musician in the Smolensk Region

Jürgen Elsner, (Germany)
Some Aspects of Dan-Singing in Yemen

Jasmina Talam, (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Examples of an interesting practice: Singing by the pan

Svanibor Pettan and Ljuben Dimkaroski , (Slovenia)
Paleolithic Bone Flute from Divje babe revisited (II)

Joško Ćaleta, (Croatia)
"Re-shaping" of the tradition – Licitarsko srce tamburica collection

Nice Fracile, (Serbia)
Bagpipes "of Banat" in Vojvodina, between past and present

Kovač Marina, Čengić Amila, Toska Amra, (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Bosnian instrumental rural practice: Soundscape of Rama

Panel Discussion
The Presence of Rural Instruments in Serbia Today

Mojca Kovačič, (Slovenia)
No laughter without bellows (Brez meha ni smeha) or accordion in Slovenia today

Irena Miholić, (Croatia)
Looking for “rural” instruments in the 21st Century – few Case Studies from Northern Croatia

Marco Lutzu, (Italy)
A New Device for the Analysis of Relations between Music and Gesture in Launeddas (Sardinia)

Vilena Vrbanić, (Croatia)
Bagpipes in modern musical practice in Croatia

Bernard Garaj, (Slovakia)
Rural musical instruments at the turn of two centuries: the case of bagpipes in Slovakia

Urša Šivic, (Slovenia)
Revival of traditional instruments under the label of authenticity

Panel Discussion
Pavo Gadanyi and Croatian bagpiping


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