Musicologica Slovaca

Musicologica Slovaca is the Institute’s of Musicology peer-reviewed scholarly journal. First issued in 1969, it continued 1970 through 2008 as a non-periodical, and 1992 through 2008 under the extended title Musicologica Slovaca et Europaea. In 2010 the journal was renewed under the original title and with a periodicity of twice a year. The numbering of volumes dates back to the year of the journal’s renewal (2010), the continuity with previous years and volumes is maintained by the number in brackets following the volume number.

The journal publishes results of basic and applied research in the areas of historical musicology, ethnomusicology and systematic musicology. Publishing space is offered to authors from Slovakia and abroad. Papers are published in Slovak, Czech, English and German languages. Each volume’s structure includes research studies, materials, discussions, profiles, reviews and reports.

Archive of complete numbers from the year 2010

Musicologica Slovaca
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841 04 Bratislava 4
tel./fax: 02/ 5477 3589

Hana Urbancová

Katarína Godárová

Editorial board
Zsuzsa Czagány (Hungary), Ladislav Kačic, Jana Lengová, Janka Petőczová, Barbara Przybyszewska-Jarmińska (Poland), Jarmila Procházková (Czech Republic), Ivana Rentsch (Switzerland), Peter Ruščin, Markéta Štefková, Jadranka Važanová (USA), Eva Veselovská

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AEPress, s.r.o.
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