RILM National Committee

Slovak RILM committee is part of the global network of national committees under the international organization Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM). RILM publishes a comprehensive bibliography of writings on music serving the global music research community. Today RILM abstracts of music literature has over 850000 records in 143 languages from 178 countries. In its greater context RILM represents an international music-bibliographical institution with activities all over the world; its organizational structure is centered around the RILM International Center at The City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center in New York City. RILM International Center gathers, processes and completes data from the national committees.

The  national committees in some 48 countries are part of the greater RILM organization. They are responsible for ensuring that all significant writings on music published in their respective countries or regions are represented in RILM abstracts of music literature and RILM abstracts of music literature; these committees are composed of musicologists and librarians based at major universities, national libraries, and research institutes.

Organizational structure
Slovak RILM committee is seated at the Institute of Musicology, SAS. In addition to the Institute’s staff, representatives from the Department of Musicology (Philosophical Faculty of the Comenius University Bratislava) and National Bibliographical Insitute of the Slovak National Library in Martin actively co-operate on the Committee’s activities.

The Committee reports its activities to the Editor-in-Chief of the RILM International Center. It comes under the agenda of the RILM International Center’s Senior editor, who holds responsibility over bibliographical data from the extended region of Central Europe. The Committee provides an annual report and sends it to RILM International Center mid-year.

Slovak RILM Committee’s responsibility is to record publications from the music research area, published in Slovakia. The Committee collects bibliographic data about publications and creates abstracts, which are entered into the database and sent to RILM International Center. Abstracts of pblications are created by both authors and Committee members. The Slovak Committee processes around 120 bibliographic records, 70 abstracts and 10 reviews a year. An employee of the RILM International Center is responsible for editing these records, occasional translations, and adding further records.  The activities of the national RILM committee include processing data about all types of published outputs (monographs, collections, periodicals, material editions in the form of scores, song collections etc.), using various media (print, sound, visual, audio-visual). The RILM database records seven printed periodicals from Slovakia: five in the “core journals” category (Musicologica Slovaca, Musicologica Istropolitana, Slovenská hudba, Ethnomusicologicum, Hudobný archív), two in the “secondary journals” category (Hudobný život, Hudba).

Bibliographic records from our area include publications with a wide aim on all academic disciplines and specializations, within which music is researched in Slovakia: historical musicology, systematic musicology, ethnomusicology, popular music and jazz. In line with the recent trends at RILM, the committee will pay more attention to the screening of publications within a wider spectre of academic disciplines related to music, which constitute an interdisciplinary context for musicological studies in Slovakia (e.g., dance, theatre, literature, history of arts, ethnology, anthropology, etc.).

In addition to its bibliographic activities, which constitute its core responsibilities, the Committee organizes events aimed at promoting RILM activities and recruiting collaborators from the ranks of the extended research community.

Slovenský národný komitét RILM / RILM National Committee of Slovakia

Institute of Musicology
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Dúbravská cesta 9
841 04 Bratislava 4
tel./fax: 421 2 5477 3589

PhDr. Hana Urbancová, DrSc., Chair

Mgr. Magdaléna Kapala

Bc. Mgr. Zuzana Cenkerová, PhD.

Department of Musicology
Philosophical Faculty, Comenius University Bratislava
Gondova 2
818 01 Bratislava
tel.: 421 2 5933 9359, 421 2 5933 9348

doc. Mgr.Vladimír Zvara, PhD.

Slovak National Library
Nám. J.C. Hronského 1
036 01 Martin
tel.: 421 43 245 14 63
fax: 421 43 245 15 05

PhDr. Anna Kucianová, PhD.