Eva Veselovská: Catalogus fragmentorum cum notis musicis medii aevi e civitate Kesmarkini

20191003_Tomus_V_obalkaThe fifth volume of the Catalogus fragmentorum cum notis musicis medii aevi in Slovacia edition is the new publication, which aims at making the oldest sources of music culture from the Slovak area more accessible, features the oldest music culture sources from the city of Kežmarok (German: Kesmark/Käsmark, Hungarian: Késmárk, Polish: Kieżmark, Latin: Kesmarkium). 36 medieval manuscripts originate from different types of liturgical books (Antiphoner, Breviary, Gradual, Missal, Sequentiale, Cantionale) dating from the 12 – 15th century. The last volume brings new notions for the history of culture of medieval Hungary as well as unique findings of preserved sources from the Slovak territory (Spiš) and from foreign territories (Germany, Poland, Bohemia, Moravia, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands – Belgium). The publication is in German, Latin + Slovak Résumé).