Jana Lengová: Stephanie Wurmbrand-Stuppach (1849−1919) : Life, Work, Correspondence

Stephanie Wurmbrand-StuppachováThe scholarly biography of the pianist, composer and writer Stephanie Wurmbrand-Stuppach, born Vrabély, resulted from the long-lasting source research. It is the first book monograph covering life and work of little known exponent of the Slovak and Central-European history of music of the second half of the 19th century. It brings rich new information regarding her biography, exhaustive stylistic and semantic analysis and fresh evaluation of the musical and literary work of the artist, including the transcription of part of preserved correspondence, as well as a register of her musical and literary work with a reference regarding their deposition. Musical and semantic context of her work is presented in a revealing way on the background of autobiographical elements and extra-musical stimuli. The composer’s creative focus and position in the society have been examined also from the aspect of gender and with the respect to period social conventions and lifestyle of the bourgeoisie and nobility. Due to its complex approach, explication and processing of the subject the monograph represents a significant contribution to the cognition of personalities of musical culture.