Peter Ruščin – Eva Veselovská – Zlatica Kendrová: Church Hymn between the Written and Oral Tradition: Context of Hymnological Sources from the Territory of Slovakia

duchovna-piesen-obalkaThe monography brings an analytical wiew of three authors on the melodies from chosen Slovak and German hymnological sources of 17th and 18th century. In the foreground are the bonds of this material to the development of the oral tradition of catholic and lutheran church singing in Slovakia. The catalog of 261 melody incipits of the hymns from hymnbooks of Eliáš Mlynárových, Ján Glosius and Anton Ernest Kopp from Banská Štiavnica, which was processed by Zlatica Kendrová, is also included in the book. The last chapter contains the incipits of czech hymns from 20 Slovak manuscripts from 1657-1809, which have been not taken over to hymnbooks Cantus Catholici and Cithara Sanctorum. The autor of this chapter, Peter Ruščin adds also the edition of 126 melodies to Czech hymns from Slovak manuscripts, which are mostly different from the tunes to the same texts in the Czech sources.