STUDENIČOVÁ, Hana: Cantors, organists, trumpeters: The musical culture of Moravian royal towns in the years 1500-1620.

sun_devlaIn Brno, Znojmo, Jihlava and Olomouc, the four most important Moravian royal towns in the 16th and 17th centuries, many political, social and religious events took place, of which music was an integral part. The cities in general were among the main centres of musical culture during the Renaissance. The richest musical tendencies can be seen in particular in the city parish churches. From these institutions, a rich array of archival sources has survived to this day, thanks to which it is possible to provide readers with answers to the key questions: who were the main musical figures of this period? Where and on what occasions was music usually heard in the cities, and what specific repertoire was performed during these events?