VESELOVSKÁ, Eva (Ed.). The Image of Piety in Medieval Manuscripts in Slovakia and in Europe

sun_devlaThe conference proceeding THE IMAGE OF PIETY IN MEDIEVAL MANUSCRIPTS IN SLOVAKIA AND IN EUROPE contains seven interdisciplinary contributions. The papers focus on medieval materials, specific manuscripts, and epigraphic sources, their contents, creators, and fates in various socio-cultural milieus (urban centres, ecclesiastical institutions, individuals). The papers map the pieces of knowledge about medieval piety through concrete examples. Three studies from the field of epigraphy, codicology – palaeography, and diplomatics deal with specific topics of the image of piety on the examples of epigraphic sources from the territory of Slovakia (J. Šedivý, R. Luz) and from medieval Transylvania (A. Papahagi). The musicological papers focus on piety from the aspect of a targeted analysis of the selected musical repertoire of a complete musical source, the Scandinavian Missal Ms. 387 from the Central Library of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (R. Adamko – J. Bednáriková – Z. Zahradníková). The comparative processing and evaluation of fragmentarily surviving materials form the focus of three musicological studies (Z. Czagány, G. Gilányi, E. Veselovská – J. Bednáriková). The scientific evaluation of the processes of the genesis and use of medieval materials revealed a specific force of the distribution of transregional elements on the one hand and an ability to maintain the local elements of piety in the examined localities on the other hand.