VESELOVSKÁ, Eva – LAZORÍK, Eduard. Catalogus fragmentorum medii aevi – Archivum Civitatis Cassoviensis

sun_devlaVolume Eight, Catalogus fragmentorum medii aevi – Archivum Civitatis Cassoviensis, of the Catalogus fragmentorum cum notis musicis medii aevi in Slovacia series provides access to the earliest, medieval sources of the Košice City Archives. Medieval parchments formed the binding of various administrative documents from the municipality of Košice. In the Košice City Archives, these valuable manuscripts survive from the late thirteenth century to the early sixteenth century. The Košice volume of the Catalogus fragmentorum etc. series makes forty-two medieval fragments available, processed in the form of scientific studies (split into notated and non-notated fragments) and two separate catalogues in Latin and English. Both catalogues include registers (by type of notation, type of manuscript, assumed provenance, script, dating, and incipit). Most of the medieval music presumably originated in scriptoria in the territory of present-day Slovakia, Hungary, or Romania (medieval Hungary: mainly Spiš, Šariš, and Transylvania). It is an extremely compact collection, where several groups of fragments which originally formed part of the same codex have been identified.