Organizational Structure

PhDr. Hana Urbancová, DrSc.

Deputy Director
PhDr. Eva Veselovská, PhD.

Marcela Krúžeková

Research Departments

Department of Music History
Researches music and music culture in Slovakia from the Middle Ages to the present day in the context of European music history, accenting the historical-developmental and chronological aspects. Publishes results as monographs, studies, catalogues, critical editions. Conducts heuristic research resulting in critical editions and partakes in reviving old music on records. Manages collections of microfilms and historical documents, gathered in archive and field research by the Department’s staff.

Research staff:
PhDr. Janka Petőczová, CSc. – Department Director
Mgr. art. Andrej Čepec, PhD.
Mgr. Jana Laslavíková, PhD.
PhDr. Jana Lengová, CSc.
Mgr. Peter Ruščin, PhD.
PhDr. Eva Veselovská, PhD.

PhD students:
Mgr. Michal Ščepán

Department of Ethnomusicology
Researches traditional songs, music and dance in Slovakia in regional, interethnic and socio-cultural contexts. Publishes results as research papers and material editions (score, sound, video editions). Manages collections of manuscripts, sound recordings, photographs and audio-visual documents gathered in field and archive research by the Department’s staff. Publishes materials from the collection funds as part of the Corpus Musicae Popularis Slovacae edition.

Research staff:
PhDr. Hana Urbancová, DrSc. – Department Director
Mgr. Jana Belišová, PhD.
Mgr. Miriam Timková, PhD.

PhD students:
Mgr. art. Kristína Lomen

Department of Systematic Musicology
Researches music and music culture within selected disciplines of systematic musicology, especially music theory, music aesthetics, music psychology and organology.

Research staff:
Bc. Mgr. Zuzana Cenkerová, PhD. – Department Director
PhDr. Vladimír Fulka, PhD. Andrej Štafura PhD.

PhD students:
Mgr. art. Juraj Beráts

Conducts library-informational and bibliographic tasks, cataloguing and database management. Ensures monitoring, systematic acquisition and processing of relevant literature and information. Offers book-lending services to researches from inside and outside of the Institute, including inter-library and international loans. Prepares and distributes periodical and non-periodical editions issued by the Institute.

Mgr. Magdaléna Kapala

Technical Laboratory
Offers technical support, digitalisation of the Institute collections, partakes in audio- and audio-visual documentation, conducts research in the field of sound-engineering and audio-visual recording.

Research staff:
Ing. Štefan Nagy, Art.D.

Musicologica Slovaca Editorial Board

RILM National Commitee