Medieval sources of Church music in Slovakia

veselovska_2017Monograph by Eva Veselovská, Rastislav Adamko, and Janka Bednáriková summarizes the key findings and conclusions of the analysis of valuable medieval manuscripts dating from the period of late 9th to early 16th century. The publication represents the first comprehensive summary of medieval music culture sources from the territory of Slovakia.

Selected chapters from the history of Slovak ethnomusicology

Vybrané_kapitolyIn this monograph, Hana Urbancová continues the outline of Slovak folkloristics and ethnomusicology, a historical summary of which first appeared in the 1960s. Using five problem areas as examples, the author discusses thematic and methodological issues dominating the field’s development in Slovakia since the late 19th century to present times.

Musicologica Slovaca 2016/2

Musicologica 16-2The second number of 2016 offers a historical study by Eva Szórádová (a continuation of her previous research on piano culture in Bratislava 1770 – 1830) and another by Eva Veselovská on the Buda/Bratislava Antiphonary III. Ethnomusicological studies by Miriam Timková and Kristina Lomen introduce, respectively, the song repertoire of traditional singer Eva Studeničová from the notes of Karol Plicka, and traditional songs of women in Stará Pazova, Vojvodina.


Musicologica Slovaca 2016/1

Musicologica 16-1The first number of the 2016 volume includes studies on gender aspects of traditional song culture research (Hana Urbancová), on the Pressburg city theatre in the late 19th century (Jana Laslavíková), a biography of the Slovak composer Tadeáš Salva (Michal Ščepán), or the correspondence of Guido Adler and Dobroslav Orel, documenting their relationship (Vlasta Reittererová).


Anthology of piano music in Slovakia (1830 – 1918)

AntológiaObalka(1)The monograph of the critical edition type presents, following extensive longitudinal research at domestic and foreign institutions, 23 pieces of piano literature by 19 composers born or living in Slovakia within the given timeframe.

Catalogus fragmentorum… Tomus IV

CAtIV_EVThe fourth volume of the Catalogus fragmentorum cum notis musicis medii aevi in Slovacia edition, which aims at making the oldest sources of music culture from the Slovak area more accessible, features the oldest music culture sources from the city of Trnava. 27 medieval manuscripts originate from different types of liturgical books (antiphonaries, graduals, missals and sequentiaries) dating from the 14. to 16. century.

Musicologica Slovaca 2015/2

musicologica_2015_2-206x300The most recent issue is centered around the topic of music for keyboard instruments in the 19th and 20th centuries in Slovakia. The contributions were presented at the musicological seminar Contexts of music for keyboard instruments in Slovakia: Personalities, structure, function, organized by the Institute of Musicology, SAS, on June 17, 2015.

Musicologica Slovaca 2015/1

musicologica_2015_1-206x300The first issue of Musicologica Slovaca in 2015 contains two papers on issues of systematic musicology (E. Ferková, Z. Cenkerová), as well as a study of Karol Plicka’s manuscript collection of Slovak folk songs (M. Timková). Material contributions focus on appraisals of personalities: Jozefa Kresánek as ethnomusicologist (H. Urbancová) and the music historian Ernest Zavarský (J. Lengová). A profile of the musicologist Ľuba Ballová (A. Čepec), conference reports and reviews conclude the issue.